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We are going to learn how to make multi toned and textured text.

Open an image 400x400 transparent:

Flood fill with white:

Using your Alba font included in your supplies, type in your text.

Use a 48 size, all in black, stroke 1, in vector.

On your layer palette, right click on the text layer

choose convert to raster layer

Get out your selection tool, draw a rectangle through half of the text

Right click on the top blue portion of your image and chose: copy

Now hit the delete key on your keyboard. Right click on the

blue portion again and chose "paste as a new layer". Line the new

half layer up with the bottom half. Go to Selections-select all

Get out your magic wand. Touch the top half with it. With Primus

apply the gold effect.

Selection-select none. On your layer palette highlight the bottom

part of the text. Selections-select all. Touch with the magic wand.

At this point do not move the bottom half at all or the selection saved

on the alpha channel will not fit.

Selections-modify-contract. Set it at 3. Selections-save selection

to alpha channel, click ok. Hit your delete key again. Selections-

select none. Again we go to selections-select all, touch again with

the magic wand, apply the primus gold effect again.

Selections-select none. Selections- Load selection from alpha channel.

Make sure you load the right one in case you have others you used before

still there. Click OK. Flood fill with black.

Go to effects-3d effect-inner bevel, apply your round preset.

Lo and behold after applying a drop shadow of your choice and

cropping the image you end up with this:

Here are other things I created using this technique:

You can slice it into 3 or more parts, cut it on a slant, use other colors

textures, metals, bevel, emboss, etc etc Get that imagination out!!