I took this effect from a tutorial a couple years ago and forgot how to do it. I simply can not find the tutorial anymore. So I figured out how to do it. If I say so myself. mine is much better!! LOL I hope you can follow it because this is such a great skill to have under your belt. I will rate this tutorial for intermediate psp7 users. If you are a beginner take a couple of my other tuts first to aquaint yourself with the features.

Open a new image 400x400, flood fill it with a brick pattern. I suggest you use one with highly defined mortar between the bricks.

Using your magic wand tool touch the white mortar. You want to get all the mortar selected. If it doesn't, go to selections-modify-select similar. If that makes more than the mortar select, than try another brick pattern.

Go to selections-modify-expand. Expand by 1 pixel. Press the delete key on your keyboard.

Ok, listen up, this is a little fast but I know you will understand it, take it slowly!

Selections-save to alpha disk.click ok. Selections-select none. Selections-load from alpha disk. Keep the marching ants up and flood fill with a light gray color.

Effects-inner bevel at these settings:

Here is what you should have so far:

On another layer use a grafitti font to write in the text. I slanted mine with the deformation tool.

Keep that layer selected, Selections-load from alpha disk.

Hit the delete key a couple of times. Apply a little drop shadow.

Crop as needed and here is the finished product:

Here is another one I made using a different font and different bricks.

And one with a doll and color changing animation:

Enjoy and if you are a member of Gracious Ladies Animated Signatures, I would LOVE to see what you may have come up with, please post them in the members graphics album!! Toodles---- Karen