As usual I am teaching just the basics and offering some other examples as a guide to what you can do with this tutorial.

We are going to learn how to make a charm bracelet and a pendant.

Here are the supplies you will need:Tut Supplies

Open a new image white background 300x300

Using the gold12 pattern as a background and the gems font size 72 Type an A.

Selections-select all. Click with the magic wand. Effects-plug in filters-flaming pear-super blade pro

It should look like this:

Selections-select none Place a diamond in the center of the charm

Use your preset tool with these settings and the gold 12 pattern:

Draw a "link"behind the charm like so:

After you get it right, layer palette-right click the link layer chose convert to raster layer. (note save the link for the the next lesson)

Selections-select all. click the link with the magic wand then apply the super blade pro preset. Selections-select-none

Merge all but the background layer, crop and there you have a gold and diamond charm:

Here are some examples of more charms you can make using the gems, super blade pro, the gold 12 pattern and the gem font:

     Make a few of your own charms now, you will need them for the next lesson. You can also use charms you find online too.(You Chicken!! LOL)

Charm Bracelet

Open and image 500x300 white background

Make a V using the text tool and the Arial font bold. Use the gold12 pattern set at 48, then image-rotate-right 90 degrees. Apply the super blade pro at the same settings

Using the selection tool draw a rectangle over the ends of the V like this:

Hit delete. Copy, paste as new selection. Leave the new selection crawling with marching ants. Image-mirror place together like a lying down X. Put a diamond in the center:

Merge all except the bg layer

Copy and paste as a new selection moving each piece next to the other pieces like a chain, you will have to do this a few times.

Place the link that you saved from the charm on every other chain hole, then erase bits of it to look like the links are really inserted in the holes

Here is what you should have:

Place your charms the way you like them on the links, if you want you can erase the bits like you did on the other links.

I am going to make mine into a signature and add my name, sparkles and take it to animation shop. And here is my finished version.

Now on to Making a gold ball bead pendant!! Ball Bead Pendant