This is a two-fold Tutorial. You will learn how to make your doll wink AND blow kisses. It is very simple so don't despair! ........ Karen

Unzip this file with some doll heads and choose a head. Doll Heads

First we will learn how to make the doll wink. Save as Frame 1 then zoom in on the dolls head 5 times.

Using your air brush set at 1 pixel, copy the color of the eyeshadow(if she has any) or the skintone with your eyedropper. On one eye paint over the area until you get to the bottom lashline.

Now change the color to black and make the bottom lashline.

Save as frame 2. Now open your frames in Animation shop. Using the optimization wizard make sure your frames are set at 75 fps.

Now click preview and watch her flirt!! LOL


Get out another dolls head. Save as frame one. Zoom in 4 times.

Using the airbrush set at 1 pixel copy the skintone with eyedropper. Now just paint 2-3 pixels on the lips.

Save as frame 2 and on to animation shop open them up using these settings:

Click preview and catch those kisses!!

I hope this tutorial was easy for you because it really should be. Try to combine both actions.