By Karen

I do not make tutorials so you can learn how to do MYwork. I want you to learn how to do your own creations. So I make tutorials to give you working knowledge on how to do that. That way your work will be your own and not from some site that 1000 other people are doing the very same graphic.

We will do a small animation to illustrate how to use noise as a glitter-like effect. Use this skill to experiment and make your own graphics!

Open a new image 300x200, white background

On another layer write the name you want to whatever color, font or pattern you choose.

Make a new layer on top and flood fill with the same color or patter you used for the name.

Using your selection tool, drag a rectangle over like this:

Hit delete. Selections-select none

Hide the bottom white layer, by clicking the little eyeglasses on the layers palette. Should be the layer at the bottom. Right click on one of the 2 other layer and choose merge-merge visible.

Effects-3d effects-inner bevel with these settings:

Here is how it should look now,(well sorta if you are using your own style):

Effects-noise then use these settings, we will make 3 frames, each time you make another frame increase the percentage 20 more.

Save as Frame 1

undo, then use the noise again, this time at 64% Save as Frame 2

undo, noise at 84% Save as frame 3

Take to animation shop at 5 fps and see whatcha got!!!

Experiment with all types of things and I would love to see your favorites posted in the members graphic album!! Stay Sweet,....... Karen