This tutorial is written for people who know some basics of psp7. This assumes you know how to use animation shop, how to make layers ,where your tools and palettes are located and how to add sparkles. If you don't then I suggest you take my other tutorials first. Due to time restraints I can't go over these points with every tutorial. Thanks.

Here are the 2 patterns we will use:

Open a new image 300x300 white background

Add a new layer and get out your shapes tool. Set your tool options palette: The colors don't matter right now.

Go to selections-select all, then click on the image to get the marching ants around the heart:

Selections-save to alpha disk. When the window comes up click ok, then with the next smaller window click ok again.

Selections-modify-contract 3 pixels. Now hit the delete key a couple of times:

Selections-select none. Then selections-select all. Touch the image with your magic wand.

Go to effects-texture effects-sculpture. Under presets, choose gold. click ok. Then selections-select none:

Now add a new layer, then selections-load from alpha disk add the heart you saved before. OK

With the "marching ants" still active flood fill with the stars pattern :

Add another new layer, then flood fill with the stripes pattern, selections-select none:

The stripes layer should be active (highlighted) on your layer palette now. Using your selection tool, drag a rectangle like this:

Now hit the delete key:

Highlight your stars layer on your palette. Drag your selections tool like this:

Selections-select none. Effects-3D effects-inner bevel preset set at round:

On the layers palette highlight the stripes layer and use the effect again:

Get out your airbrush. On your tool options palette click the little brush icon, chose custom. Choose the star. Then use these settings:

Add another layer and make 5 stars in a row, center them:

Effects-3D effects-inner bevel, use these settings:

Add sparkles if you want in 3 layers:

Take to animation shop if you added the sparkles. Here is my finished example: You can make using other presets too. Here are some ideas:

I hope you have learned from this tutorial. Karen