I know alot of people ask me how to make signatures sparkle. Or they want me to make lots of sparkles for them, so I thought this would be something beginning artists would like to know.

First here is the sparkle zip file!sparkle

Open a new image 300w x 200h

Using your Edwardian Script ITC font(It comes standard with windows) in any color you want, sized anywhere between 48 and 72, write your name.

Let's dress it up a little! Click effect/3D effects/inner bevel and use these settings:Click Ok. It should now look like this:

Ok Now Click effect/3D effedt/drop shadow and use these settings:Click Ok. Now it should look like this:

Add 2 layers like this:

Now hide one of the 2 layers you just made by clicking on the eyeglass icon next to the layer.Make sure that the layer you are using is highlighed! Take out your sparkle tube and copy it. Back to your sig, right click on header of the sig and click paste as new selection. The sparkle will be there with things that look like marching ants around it. Plce it where you want. Now do that step again palcing the sparkles here and there, DON'T fill up the whole sig, you will need some space for your second layer!Click selections/select none. Save as image 1 in BMP format. It should look like this now:

Now unhide the other layer and highlight it. (I like to leave the other layer unhid so I can see where I put the other sparkles.) Place the sparkles here and there on this layer now, try to place them on this layer where you did not place them on your last layer. When you are happy with the amount of sparkles click selections/select none.Save as image 2 in BMP format. Here is how this layer should look:

Now on to animation shop!...

Using your animation wizard making sure you have a 10 frame rate, find your images and add them. Finish up and 2 frames should open up in the main window. Click view animation and watch it go!!! Woo Hoo!! Sparkles a-plenty! LOL Save it as a gif and you are DONE!!!

Here is mine!:

Please let me know if there are ways you think I can improve this tut. I am a newbie at makin' em!