This time we are going to learn

how to make twisties. The twisty effect is

accomplished, after the graphics are made in psp8,

in Animation Shop.

This was made using psp8,

if you have an older version of psp

Go to to download a trial version of psp8.

Let's get started shall we?

Open up a new image 400x400, transparent:

Flood fill with white(you can remove this later if you

would like.

Paste as a new layer the fairie tube in your supplies.

At this point let's crop your work. Leave about

an inch around the fairie:

With your background color set in the pattern in your supplies

and the foreground set in black get out your text tool.

Use the "Big Apple" font in your supplies, size 36

Stroke 1. In vector. Type your name. Go to your layer

palette right click on the name layer(it will say vector>

choose convert to raster layer. Place your name in

this position:

Go to the layer palette, hide the fairie layer like this:

Save now as frame 1. (if you want to make the background

transparent, hide the white layer too before you save>

Next unhide the fairie layer and hide the name layer.

Save as frame 2: